Quality Policy

Quality is no longer simply a matter of reducing defects but has become a comprehensive movement reaching out to all aspects of the process of placing goods in the market. Dipon Gulf’s comprehensive quality assurance, environment, health and safety programs are as per the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 which focus on reducing internal costs, rework and wastes. This focus helps decrease lost time and liability rates, boost productivity and employee morale, and improve overall efficiency and use of creative skills. Clients benefit from the resultant quality environment through more competitive pricing and better-designed, more reliable products. Dipon Gulf’s policy is to

  • Adhere to Quality of Services; and
  • Maintains Time line and Budget with no compromise on Quality.

With the system established, Dipon Gulf consistently evaluates man-hour accountability, vendor reliability and quality, in-house data processing systems, cost estimation, and new, improved methods to attract and retain talented personnel.

Dipon Gulf, as part of DIPON GROUP, utilises the services of independent inspection companies like Cotecna Inspection, SA for Pipelines, Industrial and Power projects on turn-key basis, to provide us with external QA services of auditing our overseas suppliers and to inspect materials needed to be procured.

Safety Policy

Success in operations is achieved in conjunction with a good and effective accident prevention practice based on internationally accepted codes and practices. Dipon Gulf takes all reasonable steps within its powers to meet its managerial responsibility paying particular attention to the provision of system of work, that is safe and a safe place to work. Safety Policy incorporates:

  1. Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  2. Promote the safe Conduct of Work and Train Employees about Safety and health Consciusness: and
  3. Provision of daily Safety training before starting project work.

Environmental Policy

Dipon Gulf takes all steps during the construction to protect the environment and minimizes the environmental impacts by using proper mitigation measures.

  1. Protect Environment by implementing sound EMS during construction, Operation and Maintenance; and
  2. Adherence to local environmental policy